Akurite Empires

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Samuel Z Jones Presents...

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Available now: The adventures of the all-singin' all-fightin' girls of the Revolutionary Women's Regiment!

Gunpowder Rouge and The Guns of Fort Jiar, now live online for pre-order and download: $3.99 apiece ORDER NOW

Gunpowder Rouge and The Guns of Fort Jiar launched online at The Women's Regiment Facebook Event and live at Black Friars Priory, Gloucester, February 4th, hosted by Herofest as part of What's Your Game?

Gunpowder Rouge in printed paperback, digest edition published by Wight Orchid, £5.99:
The Guns of Fort Jiar in printed paperback, digest edition published by Wight Orchid, £5.99:
AERP: Akurite Empire Roleplaying

Enter the world of Akurite Empire, a detailed and unique Fantasy setting. Containing extensive background material, new rules, playable races, character classes and adventures seeds for the nations of Kellia, Daricia and Silveneir.

Compatible with D20 3.5, under open game licence.

Published by Wight Orchid

Available in hardcopy, 154 pages, £5.99 - Buy Now
COMING SOON: The Centraal City Sourcebook, 300+ pages of sand-box style city adventures (above and below ground) for AERP!


The Baron Moruna

New Adathen lies besieged.

The Lord Protector is far away; Lady Tethys must command the fortress of the Women's Regiment.

None but a Daishenic Knight might escape the siege alive and have the courage to return; Lady Tethys has only one such paladin.

But the mystic laws of knighthood are clear: one may stand alone against all comers, and three may begin a sacred quest only that seven should complete it.

Luned Adathen and Ailen Utryce take the quest, to ride with Sir Armitage in search of three noble barons to break the siege.

The last of these three, they know, must be the cursed Baron Moruna.

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The great hero Kam Daishen lies dead; taking his name and armour, a young woman sets out to complete the slain knight's quest.

For twenty years, civil war has wracked the Darician Plateau; now the armies of the Empress Kaesa stand poised to seize victory. From the smoke of war comes a rebel champion, Sabra Daishen, sworn to the quest and guided by the ancient spirit of the warrior whose armour she wears.

To overcome the legions of the mad empress, Sabra must unite the rebel factions; accompanied by the old sword-diva Meridian Charn and the beastman archer Menalowen, Sabra sets out to raise an army.

But behind the imperial legions stands the Empress herself, a woman possessed of dark sorcery and supported by inhuman allies. To win victory on the battlefield, Sabra must first defeat the demons of her past to become more than a knight, and master the spiritual powers of a paladin.

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The land lies in ruins.
Starvation and superstition reign.
One good knight will light the ensuing dark age.

Sabra Daishen, the Red Knight of the Rebellion, has gone north to secure the borders against the allies of the defeated Empress. Behind her, the Daishen leaves a land devastated by war and one trusted knight to rebuild the fallen nations.

Sir Taran Denebar, wise in the ways of knighthood and sworn to the Daishen's quest, must restore order among the rebel factions before the Darician Plateau collapses again into civil war. The Revolutionary Women's Regiment are rapidly seizing Kellia and the Rebel Separatists have laid claim to Daricia. Southern Kellia is rife with witch-hunts and die-hard Imperial outlaws.

But on her way north, Sabra Daishen has earned the wrath of Red Shakasha. Forbidden by gaes from direct vengeance, the immortal sorceress comes to Sabra's homeland to wreak bloody retribution.

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Fleeing an arranged marriage, the young prince of Silveneir, Montesinos DeSilva, leaves a life of luxury for exile in neighbouring Daricia.

But Daricia is not a land at peace, and DeSilva finds far greater danger there than the unwanted wedding he sought to evade.

Worse, DeSilva's jilted bride pursues him, accompanied by the warriors of her enraged clan. But forces beyond their control may doom the wedding utterly, for the evil warlord Odacon plots to overthrow Daricia's throne...

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